Roof wont close CLK 209 model


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Dec 1, 2008
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The main cause of this on the 209 is the window screen top micro-switch! On the driver’s side on top of the screen you will find where the roof latches down. In that catch is a micro switch under a black lever, if you push the lever you will be able to hear it clicking! 9 times out of 10 flicking the lever frees of the switch then allowing you to close as you would normally.
If you have another fault with the roof then get ready for a work up!

Right, in your tool box/roll you should find 2 straps, if you haven’t then give up now!

To unlock the boot you have to use the blade part of the key, chances are that the boot will be locked due to the roof fault! Once open look at the roof apron hinges, they will have a cap on each, pull up to remove! Once done, there two rods sticking outwards on each hinge, Push these 180 degrees towards the front of the car.

Right, next, look inside the boot trim on the near-side; there you see a pull of cover for the rear Sam (fuse box), remove, and then you will be looking at the roof pump, on the left of the alloy housing there’s a 5mm Allen bolt, turn 1 full turn left, (undo),

Next to the pump you will find a release valve for the apron struts, about the size of a 50p but round, pull and turn 90 degrees or less to unlock!
On the other side in the same place you will find a cut out in the carpet, some have a little warning sticker there, pull the trim away to find the other release valve, pull and twist again!

Right now for the fun part, using the straps, wrap them round the hinges on the apron cover and back through them self’s. Lay them on the apron cover and close the boot. Now you’re looking at the car as normal with the roof down and boot closed, Now you will really need two people unless your super fit or heavy, pull the straps backwards but up at the same time. This pulls the cover up and out of its locked place. Lift the front of the apron up to the rear of the car, and then you can slowly lift the roof back out of its house and into its shut position, Then lift the rear of the roof and slowly close the apron, don’t push back all the way but just to where it was when you pulled it open with the straps. On the centre of the roof inside there a cap, in line with the rear mirror, remove, push the front of the roof home and turn the 5mm Allen to lock it down! Now push the rear or the roof down onto the apron locks! Then push the rear of the apron back home, towards the front of the car, Now open the boot again with the blade key and remove the straps and push the rods back 90 degrees, release the twist valves and close the bleed screw on the pump housing,

Now if you are brave and it was a switch sticking, it will now work, if it’s something more, well, starts from above again!

Sorry it’s so long winded but it is the only way!
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Feb 8, 2006
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