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Feb 25, 2018
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W124 e280 1995
I’m looking for help with a problem on my e280 m104 engine.the problem started after I changed the head gasket,the car had also been sat around for a couple of months while I did the work.the work I’ve done on the car so far in order,
Rewired loom
New plugs,running fine.
Changed head gasket to solve oil leaks and as a precaution.
While head is off I stripped and cleaned valves and new stem seals fitted.
New valve cover gaskets manifold gaskets.
Reconditioned fuel injectors with new seals.
When everything put back together car now has a rough idle.changed various vacuum lines,new coil pack swapped round all 3,new spark plug boots,none of this made any difference.
When the engine is up to temperature it’s only a slight vibration engine rocking from side to side.when cold it’s quite bad, revs never fluctuate and above 1500 revs the problem disappears.when driving with the engine warm there’s no problem,when driving with engine below 80 degrees there’s a slight stumble at low revs.
There are no codes coming up,I’m thinking it’s something I’ve done while doing the head gasket,on the other hand it could be something that’s just happend,I don’t think its much because it’s hardly noticeable when warm.
Any help would be much appriciated.

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