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Oct 12, 2009
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Clevedon, North Somerset
Your Mercedes
All sorts of Germans
Rust, rust, rust... Cancer of the car.
There must be a good few of you out there with mid to late 90's Mercs, all showing signs of their scabbiness.
On the whole, the kind of scabs found on the E's and C's tends to be cosmetic, rather than structural.
There is a guy down the road from me with an R plate c280 sport, and the thing looks like a polka dot car, such are the amount of blemishes and scabs on it.
Its not hard to tackle this kind of thing, with a little patience, and some knowhow.
If there are any of you in the South West area, that need some help with rust issues, but can't afford a body shop, then give me a shout. I have a good paint supplier. I can't promise bodyshop perfection, but you would be pleasantly suprised at the level of finish i can achieve on localized repairs. On an old car of negligable value, how much do you want to spend? Awkward this time of year, but if you have undercover premises, i could come to you.
I'm not looking to make money, more to hone my skills, and help keep Mercs alive.
Keep an eye on my W126 restoration thread, and check out the pictures.
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