SPRINTER 2010 -P S Pump or Rack ?


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Jan 29, 2018
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Sprinter 2010 313cdi
Hi guy I really need help on this:

I got a Sprinter 2010 313 cdi and I went to a garage in London try to find out about a noise that come from the belt, so its what I thought and the guy check the van and told that best thing to do was replace all the pulley and the belt as the noise come from the belt when I turn the steering wheel for the right or left just when it get on the end it noise like a belt sliding, so we ordering all pulley and new belt except the alternator pulley we didn't change that, so it cost me 120£ plus the garage fees 80£ so after all replacement we start the van and him told me to try turn it to the right or left until it get on the end and so it crying like a pig, the mechanic replace the belt with other one from the garage to see and nothing fixed ;(

the mechanic told me "sorry" for that and told me it should be the P S PUMP, and him told me to get the pump and told me that him will change without any extra charges as he's make me spend 120£

so I got a pump from ebay 128£ arrived with 2 days I went back to the garage they got my pump out and replace with the new one from ebay change the fluid, after all we start the van and Bug the noise still there when turn the wheel left or right, so the mechanic opened the all front of the van to make it clean and easy to see what going on, so the mechanic did removed all the lights radiation so make it clean with easy access so just to find out that the P S PUMP pulley had a problem it was dance not straight so, I went to the MERCEDES and paid 242£ per a new P S PUMP, so went back to the garage and him replace the P S PUMP, we turn the van on and nothing same problem him told me that him cant find the problem and give up him didn't charge me any thing £ but I know him for about 10 years I think him really do not know what going g on.

I asked him about the Rack if theres a possibility and him told me that the rack is okay as the steering wheel is turn very soft from both side and him told me that him do not want me make buy it and maybe the problem is not on the rack, guy help on this

other thing is when the van idl is dow around 10 or below we see that the belt
vibrating a lot, him told me that its not normal at all, when we turn the steering wheel for the left or right until the end we see that the noise come from the P S PUMP. look like its really heavy for the P S PUMP to work properly, when we turn the wheel for the right or left until the end we see that the belt slipping at the P S PUMP point its when the noise start what can it be ?

I think it maybe is the alternator pulley, or you guys think it is the rack him check the alternator pulley and told me that it look good but who knows ?


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