Sprinter Battery drain

Christoph Kollmeier

Jan 20, 2020
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Sprinter 2013
My 2013 sprinter is suffering from
some form of battery drain. After having it not driven for 2 weeks it would not start and I initially thought the kids played with the stereo or I left a light on. Battery charged and outside of the van keeps it charge.
I check today I found a battery drain of initially 1.4 amp and that drops to about 0.75 after 10 seconds. I initially thought of the reversing camera I had installed so checked and disconnected but nothing changed. Nothing else is on, no radio lights etc.

When I initially connect the battery I hear a sound from the dashboard and the instrument cluster needles move briefly which I think is normal.

Has anyone got any idea what might drain the battery at around 0.75 as it will be flat if I don't drive it for a while?

Many thanks for any suggestions


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