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The Wifes Mini

Discussion in 'Motoring Related Discussion' started by joderest, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. joderest

    joderest Senior Member

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    Apr 16, 2018
    Your Mercedes:
    ML270 2003
    Above needed a new clutch, as 96,000 miles and was nearing top of pedal, so........

    MINI... £1300, as would need new flywheel as well
    MINI INDEPENDENT..... £950 as might need a new flywheel as DMF and would be worn.
    FIRST LOCAL GARAGE.... £700 as a right bugger of a job
    Tried Garage where i get all MOT's done, said about £400.

    So, booked it in to MOT garage, as its a nuts and bolts job, took them all day as had to wait for a new slave cylinder, as old one would not bleed. Clutch they supplied was LUK (a good brand i am told) Expected £400 plus parts, so about £600.
    Nope, £405 all in.
    Works a treat, no issues, good old fashioned spannering.
    It just goes to show that shopping around you find the best deals in the least expected places.
    Oh, and it has a solid flywheel, not DMF, and it did not have a mark on it. I was shown the old components, clutch plate was just on rivets, and pressure plate springs quite worn, clutch release bearing a bit grumpy.
    They did a cracking job.
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  2. AMGeed

    AMGeed Senior Member

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    Jan 18, 2009
    Poole, Dorset
    Your Mercedes:
    2004 W211 E55K ///AMG
    Just goes to show how its worth shopping around and not accepting the first quote every time.

    I just dropped and cracked the screen on my grandsons Samsung Galaxy Tab3.
    First estimate £129
    2nd one "I can do it for £100
    Third and final one £50

    Got it back in two days with a perfect brand new screen.

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