Today in my ‘shop. R230 SL, boot open warning

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Mar 31, 2006
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Quick one today. I haven’t seen this one covered, so here goes. Customer delivered car with complaints of boot open warning while driving. Initially stopping, opening and closing the boot would sort it, but it just got worse and worse. I parked the car next to a RangeRover to make it feel more reliable. (Damned with faint praise...).

The vacuum pull down was perfect evertime. No timeouts stored in the PSE. Boot was obviously closing correctly. Checked out the wiring running down the right hand boot hinge. All good. In this case the problem was in the boot latch microswitch. I’ve done a few of these. A lot of places will sell you a complete larch assembly. That’ll fix it, but you don’t need to spend £300. The rotary tumbler microswitch is available as a separate piece.

It fits here in the latch. You lift a little locking tab and just pull it out.

Quick and easy job. You’ll need to remove the boot liner trim panel, easiest with the roof down. The latch is held in with two torx screws. One vacuum pipe to remove, two electrical plugs and a clip that holds the emergency release bar.


Feb 8, 2006
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