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Jun 21, 2020
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Winnebago View 2008 Mercedes 722.6
I have a 2008 Winnebago View with 65000 miles. The engine is a Mercedes with a 722.6 transmission. Had transmission serviced at 60,000 miles and it has developed a shudder/rumble strip feel. I've had transmission specialist tell me it's the fluid, the connector plate, the torque converter.......I put LubeGard in which helped for awhile. This shudder only happens in automatic mode, if I use the manual shift mode it doesn't happen and shifts smoothly. What is going on? Thanks in advance.


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Mar 25, 2010
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the torque converter...

Its this. The frictions are raised inside the torque converter giving the rumble strip feeling whilst the car slips the converter.

Keep in mind, in the cars, the converter is always slipping some amount.

In the Vito/sprinters, it does lockup fully, but not sure what yours would be based on software wise.

Do check for glycol contamination in the gearbox oil as well. If present, gearbox and coolers will need a full flush.
You can disable the converter as well, but this will heat the gearbox oil up more, and give you slightly worse economy.

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