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Apr 9, 2013
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c220 estate sport/61/2.2
its been a month or so now since the boys at gad tuning did the remap on my c220 estate, so thought I would put some feed back on this, since its a very wet thursday in the middle of june.

the car has now done quite a few long motorway trips and in general the car is indicating some 57-58 miles per gallon on these runs with the rev counter around the 1700 - 2000 rpm range, so I would say a neutral outcome from that point of view.
Around town etc the car does feel quicker, accelartion wise, but I do drive with a light right foot, however what is most noticible is that the engine feels as if its working more freely, this I know is prehaps a personnel thing, but I was brought up as a marine engineer in the days when touchy feely was part of the job.

And on that basis I would say from my point of view it was money well spent as it seems to let the engine do what its capable of doing, where as before it felt restricted.

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Feb 8, 2013
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Mercedes AMG GTS - GLS350d
Thanks for you honest review... You know where we are if you need us.

Kind Regards

Anthony @ GAD Tuning

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