Upgrading CLK Stereo and Phone kit?



I've just bought the girlfriend a 2003/53 CLK 270.

Basically, we saw so many cars when we were looking that she built a very specific specification in her head. She wanted cubanite silver, full black leather, silver trim and the double DIN sized stereo [it's all about aesthetics with her!]. The closest one we found [and subsequently bought] only has the single slot CD player with the cavity/cubby hole underneath.

I checked that this stereo fits in the 209 and apparently it does [she's not interested in Sat Nav as simply driving takes enough of her attention lol]:


So I thought I'd make my first post on this site a question [I've tried the search tool and couldn't find any specifics!]

1. Will it fit and work ok with the steering wheel controls? Do I need any extra leads/adapters?
2. There's currently no mercedes phone system installed [no cradle on the centre console or anything in the armrest], what other equipment will we need to get it up and running? Is the wiring already there or will we need an aerial etc. installed? I've looked on mercupgrades.com and to be honest can't make head nor tail of it!

If the phone installation is going to be a nightmare and more than £150, I think I'll just get a bluetooth parrot kit! It wasn't a requirement for her but due to running a couple of businesses, I need to be handsfree if I'm ever out in it [and keep losing the silly ear piece things] and would obviously prefer her to be safe too!

Thanks in advance :D
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That stereo was fitted in the 209, but post facelift, in replacement of the single din Audio 10 that you have at the moment. The two were never intended as interchangeable , hence I'd doubt you could simply slot it in. I suspect everything would be different, from mountings to facia surround, to wiring and possibly even the data bus.
I'd suspect you'd be better looking for a correct era command unit which will at least be a well troden and fairly simple upgrade path to a double din unit.

As for phone - it will be £lots over your very sensible £150 budget. Get the parrott.
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Thanks for the reply mate.

I'm really not a fan of inbuilt sat nav systems so won't be going down that route. In my experience they are never as intuitive and easy to use as a TomTom. Plus when a TomTom breaks its £100 to replace and doesn't require an A Level in electronics to fix or remove!

Is there a double DIN CD Player that WILL fit in the pre face lifted 209?

Thanks again!

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