Viano 639 (or Vito doesn't matter) AC Compressor.


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Jan 21, 2006
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2014 639 Viano- 651, 5sp Auto. 2009 S211- 646, 5sp Auto.
I'm asking a big favour and for someone with the above to check the wiring into the top forward plug on the AC compressor.
Mine has a 2 pin plug with only one wire into it.
While I'm assuming that some one previously has clumsily pulled the wire and not the plug to disconnect the wire isn't present inside the sleeve as far back as I'm able to check.

I haven't had chance to crawl under to follow that into the loom yet. So as I maybe on a red herring chase would appreciate if some on can confirm that 2 wires are present into the plug.

Thanks in advance.

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