Vito 116cdi W639 Differential - Ratio's Auto same as manual?


Jan 28, 2019
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North Lincolnshire
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C250D Premium Plus/ 2015 / also Vito W639/ 2011 / 116CDi
Searched the web and forums but not able to identify what ratio the diff is on my 2011 Vito W639 116cdi auto

Believe it to be 38:11 but if the learned members on this forum could confirm?
Also, is the Auto diff the same as the manual for this model?

Reason for ask is my local garage has narrowed down, but not confirmed, that the juddering I'm experiencing at between 40 - 45mph is potentially the diff
It only happens between these speeds, and is marginally worse on acceleration than deceleration, exists when knocked into neutral and is driving me slowly mad(der)

If I can identify I intend to purchase a used diff and get it reconditioned and swap once done (or purchase a reconditioned diff, any recommendations?)

Many Thanks


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