W107 workshop/maintenance manual



I don't think Haynes do a manual for my car, an '89 SL500.

Does anyone know of a similar type manual?


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Aug 16, 2004
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in the great , grim 'oop north
Your Mercedes
R107, S211, R170
not for an 89 500

they did do one for the 350 and 450 SL, but I'm afraid ours are very different in the engine and other electronic bits.
I've looked all over for alternatives, and can't find much out there. I do have the german data book for 1985, and there might not be that much difference from then until 89 for settings and values etc. If it's just a few bits of fact you are after, lmk and I'll look them up as best I can.
Try e-bay and amazon. You never know what might turn up. The US seem well supplied with enthusiasts and publications, but they never officially had the 500, only the 560.

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