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W124 300 CE - Coupe Audio Success!!

Discussion in 'Tuning, Styling and Performance.' started by Prof.C.Benz, Sep 30, 2018.

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    Apr 17, 2013
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    1991 W124 300CE (M103)
    I know a lot of people have been talking about different configurations and mods, and I have waited 5 years to touch the sound, as other things were way more important, but here is where I have got to... and it's ****** Good!!..

    After years of planning to cut the metal under the First Aid Box to sink a KEF B139 Oval Vintage 10" into (I have 2 of them), I finally went back to the drawing board.

    I was never looking for MEGA bass.. Not my style, just a well rounded sound with actual punch and clarity across the frequency spectrum (yes, I am a sound engineer).

    I already had 4 corners of Rainbow (with rear passenger side cone ever so slightly blown), so having used Focal Pro ranges in studios for years and know the quality of their products, I got the active Focal Flat(ish) 8" unit and have stuck it to the Plastic trim under the carpet in the passenger footwell, and pushed the carpet back over it. The seats go back so far in the Coupe that none of my passengers even noticed the loss in leg room of approx 3", and the sound off the bat was Phenomenal but, I still needed to tune the system properly, so opted for a JVC Headunit with AUX SW Output and all the frequency control and phase alignment delays I need.

    The Rear Rainbow is gonna get Re-coned, but I ordered some MTX Thunder52's for the rear shelf, and even managed to find the original plastic speaker brackets for the rear shelf from MB. Previous owner had drilled the Rear Rainbows to the firewall (FAIL)...

    So, Front Rainbows, Rear MTX Thunder 52's, Focal Active 8" in the passenger footwell...

    How does it sound?....

    Incredible!!!! You name it, Jazz, Funk, Classical, House, Techno,whatever you chuck at it, it sounds REAL and WARM and you get the kick in your chest when you want it...

    This Focal Sub performs way above it's League.. I've had 10" subs that dont have as much punch and as flat a response.. None of those annoying "boomy" notes that stand out...

    I have had some proper audiophiles in my car that have been astonished with the results.

    It only took some minor adjustments to the EQ setting to get it sounding Spectacular...

    Not sure if I'm gonna drop the Rainbows back in the rear or not, as the low mid range before the Crossover point on the MTX's has a bit more roundness, but maybe not quite as much Mid/HiMid detail... Will have to A/B once I get them back.

    It's all non invasive and required no modding to the car whatsoever...

    Hope this helps anyone wondering how to get a Very good sounding W124 Coupe... Happy to help
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