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Apr 29, 2012
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W124 1994 E200 estate (M111 engine)
Dear all,

Today I finally got round to replacing my broken roof top aerial. The mast was snapped off before I purchased it but of late radio reception was becoming more and more difficult, and it looks unsightly as well, so I purchased a complete new Hirschmann HIT AUTA 200 replacement online.

It looks great although I still cannot get some stations to show up - it is better than before but not 100%.

But I digress, the reason for my post is this. In order to access the underside of the aerial, I had to remove the interior light, near the rear view mirror. It clips on from the driver's side but now the silly thing is loose, and hangs a little from the front. Is this normal? I recall is being loose initially, I think that section of the headlining is simply a push fit item.

Any ideas of how to tighten this up - or should I try and obtain new clips from MB, or a scrap yard?

Many thanks,


PS. At the same time, I also installed some 'drop in' Pioneer custom fit speakers, rated a tiny 30W 4ohms... the ones I removed were the original Blaupunkt 40W units. The new ones, to my ears, give more bass, but I suspect they will sound different, albeit a little, once 'burnt in'. Conclusion, I'd recommend this cheap upgrade. I think the Pioneers are available from a London based seller on a famous auction site. This is where I got them from but they say in the boot for nearly seven months, until today.
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