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w169 wet boot

Discussion in 'Bodywork, Tyres, Wheels & Trim' started by ctech, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. ctech

    ctech Guest

    i have a 2010 w169 with no sunroof last night i removed the spare wheel and the covering beneath only to find some water in there at the deepest part it was about 8mm deep,what i did notice is that there looks like a water stain on the body below the flap that covers the striker plate for the boot lock.
    is this a common issue with these cars and more importantly is there a solution.

    thanks in advance
  2. ealp

    ealp Senior Member

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    Dec 18, 2012
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    A180 2009 CDI
    Hi rather odd question, but do your rear tail lamps condensate up when they've been on for a bit?

    Ive got a w169 which the tail lamps mist up on, and I'm wondering if my problem is that Ive got water ingress in the car somewhere.

    On the solution for you. Id get the car back to the dealers ASAP as its still under warranty

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