W202 Sills, trim queston.


Feb 8, 2009
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I have been stripping the Leather interior out of a W202T, to fit into my own car. I still have the center storage unit, carpets and sill trim to remove.

I am still "new" to Mercedes, could someone tell me if alloy/stainless sill protectors were a dealer option or just aftermarket parts. I cant see how to remove them. The front ones look to be decent quality, the rears look to me to be pretty much budget jobs.
A bit of guidance on removing the trim around the sills and the attached door surrounds would be a big help. I might decide to leave the carpets if the job is to big. I have started to clean the leather trim, it still looks "new" when cleaned. I have lots on at the moment but I am itching to get this fitted.
Do you think the cloth interior would be worth trying to sell ? as it is in pertty good condition.


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Nov 14, 2006
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Southampton UK
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Stainless door shut trims were an option on many model of MB's including the w202, they were available in illuminated or non illuminated and for the 202 are not available any longer though you can buy non genuine items and some are very good quality as good as the MB item, the rear ones are literally just stuck on the existing trim, the front ones are not much different, you can remove them just just giving them a sharp tug at one end, as they are just are just clipped onto the car.
Cloth interior, to be honest, won,t be worth anything, you could try e-bay with no reserve, as its an estate and slightly harder to get than an equivalant saloon you maybe in luck.
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