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W203 - C220 CDI - Removal of Ashtray and gear knob surround

Discussion in 'DIY: Bodywork, Wheels & Trim' started by palmbay, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. palmbay

    palmbay New Member

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Firstly remove the ashtray inner as per normal cleaning.

    Remove the Gear surround by gently lifting upwards,
    ensure ashtray lid is open to prevent scratching by
    the metal clips.


    Lift up until clips are clear then slide forward to release rear edge.

    Lift up and over gear knob to reveal the gear knob release mechanism,
    which should be twisted anticlockwise, (if I remember rightly!).


    Twist the gear knob until it releases,
    then lift up. Don't forget to unclip the small electrical
    connection underneath (or to put it back on, when reassembling).


    Gently prise the 2 ashtray holder retaining clips back whilst lifting holder upwards.
    Note next to clip is where the gear knob surround clips into (Scratches).


    Twist about and manoeuvre the ashtray holder past the gear stick. Beware of wires attached to the holder underside.

    Mark up, and unclip the 2 wires from the holder assembly.
    Lift clear. Reassembly is just a reversal.


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