W204 C63 bonnet what grill


Feb 8, 2020
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C250 W204 2013
Any advice would be greatly received.
I have a W204 C220 2013 coupé.
2 years ago I sold my W204 2013 C63 to my mate as the miles I do was costing me a mint.
I never bought it for the speed only the looks.
Anyway he has given me his C63 bonnet as he is fitting a carbon one.
My car was going in next month for its bonnet to get sprayed as it had a few stone chips and now I am fitting this C63 bonnet to the car and having that sprayed.
My question is do I need a C63 grill or will a normal grill that fits a C220 still fit?
As I know the early C63 had a split grill but I am pretty sure my newer C63 didn't.
Any help would be great.


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Nov 18, 2019
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C Class 350 CDI AMG Sport Plus
Sorry for jumping in, but I'd also like to know what's the best grill to get for my C350d. Lots to choose from but some look really cheap and nasty.

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