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Adam Sheldon-Smilli

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Jul 19, 2020
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C Class W204 2009
First time on a forum, really hoping for some help. UK Based.There has probably been a few similar posts over the years.

I have a diesel Mercedes w204 C Class 2009 plate and have recently changed the rear lights from pre facelift to the post facelift LED Lights.

The main issue centres around the break light/rear fog light being on dim constantly and ruins the effect of the led lights.

My understanding is that this is SAM issue - Could anyone give me some advice around how i would go about getting this fixed and what exactly i would need to tell the technician to do and whether any special software is required. I took it to a 'specialist' recently they coded out the errors but couldn't seem to understand what was required.

Your Help would be much appreciated. I've attached a photo below of the issue (not my car) but just to illustrate what it looks like .


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