W210 warranty paintwork joke! Watch out robinsons!


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Dec 12, 2007
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Sunny Great Yarmouth, By The Sea
Your Mercedes
e32ocdi Avant with EVERYTHING Obsidian Black...WAS! now departed.
Evening all...or should I say good morning?

just a "quickie before bed"! or not!

Will let you have full story after visting Robinsons "Car Carvery" of Norwich!
Watch this space!, but for now...

Had the bodywork done under warranty end of last year (November), and she looked stunning, that cold, dark, winters evening as she was brought round from the Jokeshop!.......sorry body shop, gleaming in the reflected electric lighting on the Obsidain Black paintwork, Myself and my Daughter felt really good as we went off into the City in my Gleaming Black Beauty!, for those of you who dont know the car in question is a 51 plate e320 cdi, avantgarde AMGs etc.....blah,blah,blah, and when we parked we had a look over her, and to be honest she looked good! on the face of it, ...in the dark, looking the other way with my eyes shut,... I must have been!

Anyway, a cold, wet and salty winter has now past and if I am honest I have not washed by hand during the winter, as Top wash still on offer...and Im a lazy git!
Well as was a reasonable Bank Holiday weekend I thought I would give car a good going over, good wash wax and a T-Cut,......thats when it all became clear just how much effort Robinsons had put into their Warranty work!!!

Honestly the list is SO long,... I am Gobsmacked myself! will fill you all in details over next day or two after I have had my "Pound of flesh",will try and get some pics on too.

some of complaints are:-

Overspray Galore!
Rubbed down paintwork(1500-2000ish grit), then left unpainted!
Exsposed and rusting bare metal!
Metal particles in surface of paint, now rusting!

The main issues with the old 210, such as boot lock, around door handles, number plate etc are now far worse, many bubbles under paint over larger area! and loads more new rust in new places, and some incredible such as laquered over rust!, also crap prep and finishing!
Sticky residue (runs) inside door shuts etc.

It seems they on repair what is "outward facing" on the panels, as rust on bottom edges of doors and behind seals and panels etc, not touched! ..or mentioned,
Whats that about, Mr Mercedes? would it be too much to inform your customer that, "From here Sir It looks Fantastic!... but dont lean to the side too much as you will be able to see the crap, rusty, untouched bits that will soon creep round the panel to make this all a complete waste of time" ...but why tell us Mugs, We keep coming back for more **** from this "Pretiege" Motor Company!
Going to take me a while with that Bodyshop Manager!

To be honest I had overlooked a few noticble minor issues, such as engine bay was aboslutly "white", sort of pinky too....with filler dust, and roof trim keeps coming off,... and washer pipe came off inside bonnet,... and passenger door wont shut without big shove now,....all things they touched,.... all Ok before!

Thats only some of it, but alongside this there were a few issues that I had to pay for, and I asked for a full underseal, but I think I got the discount application, as only really a strip down centre of vehicle, maybe I had to ask for the "full underseal, including all the nooks and crannies and awkward to protect places please" which I thought I was paying for, and the "point" of undersealing.
Also paid for entire roof to be sprayed, as told could not just address rust issue at front, which was, in all honesty caused by a "butcher" of a Windscreen Fitter at some time in the past, (Im second owner) having been a Supervisor for AutoWindsreens (RAC) for some years, I know full well what goes on under those Windscreen trims and usually involves a Stanley knife and by the time you notice the rust creeping out, its a 12-18 months down the road and all a bit too late to complain.
So with this in mind I had arranged for screen to be removed and refitted for them to do work, as rust goes both ways once there, after about the first week I spoke to the bodyshop super and was told "No thats ok, weve done that bit , didnt need screen out" and just kept saying not a problem.......guess what?...Yep, you guessed it! I removed top trim and bingo, a rusty line forming again along the adhesive...Fantastic.

Prices went up and down during process and ended up costing me just short of 1500.00, all together,so all the hassle and cost so far (and more to come.............NO A Class loan car this time!), so in roughly 5 months, till end of April,it is now FAR worse than it was before!

Until Tomorrow Mr Bodyshop Manager!

Sorry its a long one, but as you can guess, Im Not A Happy Bunny!
I will get back to you when more time in next few days with more details and the outcome of My visit!

Cheers, Ray.

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