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Good evening Gents

I collected my 'new' car yesterday - an obsidian black 2007 E320 CDI Avantgard Estate - which was the consquence of PXing (moving on) my late lamented 2004 E270 with an SBC problem ...ahem.

So I am now in that positon of going through it to find all those little faults that will inevitably be there. The first one is this:

A warning popped up tonight advising that the O/S fog light bulb had failed. On inspection I found that not only had the bulb 'failed' but on looking through the lense it seems that the entire reflector has come off and is floating about in the under bumper cavity.....and the lense has all the signs that something cataclysmic has occured in that it is blackened. So, not happy.

I had a 2001 E320 at one time and recall that there was an access flap in the 'pan' under the bumper that was secured with two twist connectors. Under this car (2007) I can see the shape of a flap but prodding about in the evening half light I cannot 'see' how/whether it opens.

Has anyone experienced fog lamp failure on a 2007 model and if so could they please advise whether the flap is openable and how. Also, I assume the bulb is and H1 could it be H7 - a confirmation as to which would be appreciated. And, finally, as I notice that these lamps are readily available on eBay, is this another one of those Mercedes design features that results in foglamps on these models failing so spectacularly?

Many thanks


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Mar 14, 2005
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I think that access is from the engine compartment paneling at the front, the the sound proofing panel has to come out, you then have access.


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Apr 12, 2009
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Hi Steve..
Neither of the 211's I have owned required a fog light bulb so I cant help you.
I suppose it couls be road debris damage that made yours fail..


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A quick update on this one. Having acquired my 'new car' and not being certain whether it was a 'good-un' I took it to my local indie today for a plug-in to STAR.

The result, I am pleased to say is that it does appear to be all ok. Any 'faults' were insignifiants and he cleared them. So, I am chuffed.

I asked about access to the fog lamps and he confirmed that it is a case of removing the 'under pan' which is apparently not difficult so long as I can get the car up a little. I'll probably park it over a kerb - I live in a quiet Close so no probs.

When driving it home last week, having collected it, I bought it up the M20 and 'gave it a go'. However, at somewhere over the National Speed Limit I was aware of an unpleasant vibration in the steering and have been worrying about it ever since. This wasnt helped by consulting the Forum to find stories of sheared enging mounts, dodgy prop shafts and the like. So, I also took it to my local Tyre shop today who checked the alignment which was spot on. However, on checking the wheel balancing, one was 'miles out' and the other were none to good. So, £28 later and four re-balanced wheels it is as smooth as silk. I love it.

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