W219 Couple of Queries (Rear Bulbs, Fuses, and Battery)


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Jun 4, 2013
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I have a 2006 320 CDI with 54k on the clock, owned for 2 years without fault until just recently.

I now have a few problems, which may be simple I dont know.

Firstly my rear drivers side indicator lamp has gone and the reserve bulb is being used. Are these difficult to replace?

Secondly, I have a visit workshop warning light on my dash with a battery sign. I took the car to the garage who said the battery health was fine and just needed a charge. I had been away for a few weeks so was told that a long drive would probably cure it. It hasn't. Do I need a new battery or could this be the battery control module?

Lastly, I seem to have lost power to a) rear windscreen heater, and b)both cigarette lighters front and rear. Are these likely to be fuse issues or something more problematic?

Sorry if these are daft queries, I'm not particularly hands-on with car repair.


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Sep 25, 2010
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If your car has SBC equipped (was dropped in mid 2006), battery alert may refer to aux battery. On the otherwise, lack of some extra electric consumers like heaters sounds like main voltage is low, but you are not getting 'convenience functions disabled'? Re-check he voltage of main battery (>12V), and measure the voltage in engine running too (~14V). If voltage is low in the morning, if there is a current leak/drain.

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