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Feb 11, 2005
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The adminmobile.
This will be a convenient location for the more hands on users to share their wisdom and for everyone else to access it without having to look all over the site.

To start off, only admins and moderators will be able to post in the main DIY section. This will enable us to keep it neat and tidy and help you look through the guides as they start to be placed here.

Moderators will be able to nominate users to have posting rights. If you have already written a DIY guide (or five) and would like to begin posting straight away, contact a mod and they can nominate you to have posting rights.

Threads will be moved into the DIY forum from other sections if they are of particular merit or interest.

If you would like to post a DIY guide please post in the appropriate Technical section then contact a moderator to get it moved here.

To post replies to specific DIY threads, check the end of the thread for a link to the original thread.
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