What is it? A component of an E430 Estate / 2001..but what...


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Dec 22, 2015
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W210 Estate 2001 4.3 litre V8
A while ago I found a heavy-duty L-shaped alloy "thing" on the floor of the rear passenger area. The only clue is that it has "C. I." heavily engraved on it, and two small prongs (see photos). Thinking I would just slot it back I attempted and failed..over a month ago. I have to admit I have no idea what it is for. Possibilities include the rear seat locking mechanism when folded flat, the dog-catcher mesh and so on...but nothing seems to need this bracket. Because it is heavy duty I am loath to throw it away.
So, please have a look at the attached photos and if anyone can identify it there is a reward...I can provide the address of a garage that replaced a rusted-through panel on my car, resealed and painted it ..all for £120 (vs £500 local dealer). P1030272.JPG P1030272.JPG P1030273.JPG P1030274.JPG P1030269.JPG P1030270.JPG

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