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Where can I find the Antenna plug/socket?

Discussion in 'Electrics, Vacuum, Ignition and ECU' started by milnei, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. milnei

    milnei Guest

    Hi All,

    I'm going to buy an integrated DAB unit to fit to my CLS, to replace my Pure Highway. I'm doing this for a number of reasons, one is a slight improvement in performance but the main one is that the DAB unit will intercept the FM antenna cable and send RDS info to the head unit to show what DAB station is being received.

    To install this unit I need to find the antenna cable, and preferably somewhere where there is a standard antenna plug and socket where my unit will connect to.

    After removing the Comand NTG1 head unit (to see if I had the magical green Fakra but I don't :() I noticed the distinct lack of anything resembling a standard antenna connection. I guess all the antenna to audio cleverness goes on in the audio gateway thingy in the boot.

    I do have access to WIS, but I've only got as far as working out that the AM/FM antenna signals from the rear screen go to the left hand antenna amplifier. But where do they go from there, and is there anywhere in the car where there is a standard antenna plug and socket for me to tap into??

  2. OP

    npuk Guest

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  3. OP

    milnei Guest

    Thanks for the links. I have considered many alternative ways of getting an integrated DAB system.

    Unfortunately Santa's budget doesn't stretch to £499. I'm sure it's a wonderful setup but just too pricy for me.

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