Winter Protection Offer


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Jul 14, 2009
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With the summer coming to an end and the colder months fast approaching your vehicles paintwork will be more exposed to wet conditions and harsher elements like road salt, snow, and frost. Most people forget this critical time of year and only start looking after their cars in summer. This is not the best policy as winter can have a damaging affects on a car’s paint and bodywork

Gleaming Kleen are offering a special winter protection package running from October - November that will give adequate protection to the complete exterior of a vehicle (including wheels) from the elements that winter brings.

More information on our Protection Detail can be found at Gleaming Kleen

Prices usually start at £200, however we are offering this service for a fixed price of £150 (Price based within 50 miles of Sn12, any mileage outside this will incurr a small traveling charge)

If interested in this service or any other of our services please contact me at the following email address

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