Wiring diagrams for E350 Feb 2013

Stu Evans

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Feb 21, 2018
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Mercedes E Class E350 CDI Sport 2013 / CLK 200 Kompressor
Can anyone get me the wiring diagrams for the fuel pump circuit for my E350 2013 (Feb)?

I have an intermittent problem where it only pulls from one side of the saddle tank.
The previous owner had chopped into the loom in the boot as I can see a crimp connector on the auxilary wire and some old rings crimps on the earth bolt.

Im guessing they broke a wire somewhere on the way as under the rear seat they squashed a few there too.

The needle sticks on half and then starts to cut out. Seems to be OK when I fill up full.

If I can get the drawings then I could track the fault(s) I hope.

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