1. jeremy156

    124 stiff throttle

    Had a go at lubricating my throttle cable a while ago (dry ptfe) and noticed an improvement to my heavy throttle, but still heavy. Considered replacing the throttle cable. This evening, driving up a long steep hill, I hit “resume” on the cruise control which was set at “70”-ish from a speed of...
  2. A

    W124 Cab Roof Problems

    The roof on my W124 Cab has stopped working correctly: the soft top cover will not go down. The hydraulic reservoir is full , all operations done with the engine running, fuses checked. The roof will retract normally until the point where the soft top cover should shut. It then ceases to...
  3. J

    129 / 124 dilemma

    I am currently pondering and thought I would throw out my internal debate to folks who can help. Bit of background for anyone willing to spare 5 minutes: Three and a half years ago I bought a 1991 SL300-24 for my semi-retirement. I know lots of people claim only a V8 will do, but the extra...
  4. grahamperrin

    Low budget S124 (300TE) total cost of ownership: reflections

    300TE automatic, petrol, 1988. Purchase May 2008. I can't recall the exact cost, but it was well below £1,000. Let's say: £750. Fuel and road tax I never properly tracked the cost of fuel because at the time of purchase, I simply wanted something similar to my previous Merc (a...
  5. C

    Where is best to sell my 124 series?

    Hi all I have a 1995 E220 Coupe (my second one) and I love it but need to sell as I have no space. Where would you recommend posting it for sale? I'm keen to get it in front of genuine MB enthusiasts like you but the link on this forum seems to go to a different company. Any thoughts...
  6. A

    W124 intermittent power steering

    My 1996 E300 D developed a fault last night. All of the dash board indication lights lit up (kind of half illuminated) and the power steering stopped working. There is also a loud squeeling noise coming from the engine. I wonder if there is a belt that drives something to do with the power...

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