1. C

    2004 C180K Won't fire but cranks

    Hi everyone, am looking for some inspiration please! Have just brought a 2004 C Class 180K. Replaced alternator (was told that was why it had broken down) and a brand new battery (as was told that was dead) but now it won't start.~ He did say it went into Limp mode and that this would need...
  2. morphix

    W211 E270 CDI 2004 blows cool air when idling

    Hey there fellow drivers, so recently I have ran to this issue. To explain it as clear as possible, problem is that when car is standby (idling, not driving), heater blows cold air no matter what position it is in. When driving the car, all heater functions work as expected, hot air blows, but...
  3. P


    Hi everyone. I've just bought my 1st mercedes sprinter. It's an old 2004 313 mwb cdi...with the 82bhp engine. Spotless and I love it. I've just started up a small business and needed a work horse. she's had a new engine, turbo, clutch and flywheel. I got it for £1600. So my 1st question is. Can...
  4. M

    CL500 W215 2004 sidelights can't remove.

    Hi, probably an easy one and I'm being useless but how the hell do I remove and replace my side lights on my 2004 W214 CL500? Normally you can just pull or twist, but is there a way of doing it? Is there a clip I'm missing as it's a very tight fit behind the headlights. Thanks.
  5. M

    Car starts missing the acceleration for couple of minutes

    Hi, Good Morning I hope everybody is very well, I have bought mercedes c200 cdi 2004 2.2 diesel two weeks ago but when i start the car in the morning, i leave the car for 10minutes to get warmed up as it's diesel & been told by somebody (never drove diesel before) After leaving the car...
  6. M


    Hi, Good Morning I hope everybody is very well & enjoying your weekend, I had a bit expensive & worried weekend. Just bought a (Merc,c200 cdi,54plate unfortunately auto) spent about £600 on tyres,bushes,arms suspension,brake discs, but still got below problems. 1) When i start my car...

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