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    W220 3.2 CDi - Reverse Mirror/Rumble at 70mph/Rough idle

    Hi, New here, been a serial lurker for a while and thought i would jump in and register as my enthusiasm level is 10/10 and mechanical skills are -10/10! i have my S W220 3.2 CDi, owned her for nearly 7 years. Shes done 120k miles Daily driver with the usual faults of air suspension, air...
  2. B

    Converting rear air suspension to normal springs in 2006 Viano

    Hi, I'm sure this has been covered many times with different vehicles, but just wondering what peoples take is or if any one has done it, have seen kits on eBay and am wondering if they're decent or not. Just moved house to a new area so don't have a trusted mechanic at hand. One i spoke to...
  3. J

    Just bought a 2006 C220 CDI Estate - need some advice :)

    Hey! I hope everyone is well. I just bought myself a 2006 C220 CDI Estate and have a few questions about it as I have no hand book with it. It's automatic and is the Avantgarde model. I've searched Google a bit today but cannot find any reference to what I want. Ok so it is to do...
  4. F

    ML 280 CDI sport 2006 - Resetting the Command unit

    Hi All, I'm having issues with my ML command unit not reading the sat Nav disk, its intermittent, it does sometimes, it doesn't others. I've popped into my local Mercedes dealership, they advised they would need to plug it into diagnostics etc and that they would just replace the full unit...
  5. R

    Bluetooth phone CLS 2006

    Hi there, I have a 2006 CLS and I am unable to conect my Nokia E51 to the commarnd, I have brought a MBU-2 Viseeo but when I paired it up to my phone and car it just kept on trying to down load my address book but never did, I was unable to use the phone with bluetooth in the car. I have now...
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