1. V

    OM603 swap on a W123

    Hi, I've been driving a W123 200d with OM615 and a 4 speed manual gearbox for 5 years now. Its burning a bit of oil and I think I'll have to rebuild it in the future. So, I'm playing with the idea of changing to a more powerful engine. Many do the 617 swap but I was thinking a step furthur...
  2. X

    2018 CLA Shooting Brake 200d Noise When Accelerating

    Hi All, I recently purchased a 2018 CLA Shooting Brake 200d has 30k miles on it and iv just noticed that when I accelerate more than normal such as putting my foot down to the floor or maybe 75% the car makes a noise similar to that of having a small hole in the exhaust but if I dont accelerate...
  3. Tukka

    Injection pump oil 200D

    Sorry if this has been discussed before but the search facility on here isnt working.I have a W115 200D and I noticed that my injector pump seems to be empty of lubricating oil.I know it should have engine oil in but at what level please?
  4. Tukka

    Body panels supplier?

    Can anyone recommend a supplier of body panels please? I need a couple of front wings for my W 115,cheapest so far £300 each from Niemoller.I have seen them cheaper but these are for the later W115,mine is the early version and (typically) more expensive.Thankyou.
  5. Tukka

    W115 Owners!!

    Im about to start on body restoration of my 1973 200D and was wondering if there are any other W115 owners within my area? Im in Ashbourne Derbyshire and would like to view any other cars for reference purposes and/or possible source of spares. Im looking for front bumper or just o/s...
  6. Tukka

    Banjo bolt thread ??

    Hi,I have had to drill out the remains of a sheared banjo bolt in my water pump housing (part no.915036-005).I have a new banjo bolt to replace it but I need to tap a new thread in thehousing.Does anyone know what this thread size is please? I thought M8 but its finer.Thankyou.
  7. Tukka

    W115 Wiring Diagram needed please.

    1973 200D wiring diagram wanted to print off please.I have one in a Chiltons repair manual but it doesn't show the wire colours!!!
  8. Tukka

    W115 clutch pedal stuck!!

    Just got my 200D running after many years in storage.The clutch pedal was quite stiff to push down,however once it was down to the floor thats where it stayed! Now Im used to clutch plates rusting to the flywheel when in storage which results in them being stuck in gear but Ive never had this...
  9. Tukka

    W 115 200D 1973

    Hello.Im new to Mercedes ownership having mainly Triumphs but now the owner of a 1973 200D.It seems to be quite a rare model in that it has column change and bench seats.It was originally supplied by a dealer in Hong Kong,perhaps thats why the spec is different to UK ones? `Does anyone on here...

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