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    Rusty rear subframe mounts on my 220ce w124, mot fail, anybody know a good welder?

    My subframe mounts have rusted completely away from the car, Does anybody know how i can sort this, maybe somewhere to source reasonably priced repair panels and possibly a good welder in london/ the south east? I really want to get this car back to its former glory and it'd be a shame to...
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    1993 W124 220CE COUPE WONT START:(

    My 220ce wont start, after i recently put new fuel lines on, the car had always struggled abit to start. its mot was today and i couldnt even get there. it cranks but wont seem to go any further, started once for a few seconds then died again straigh away. ive got a feeling its something to do...
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    Greetings - New [old] E220

    Hi, Hope all is well. I have visited this forum many-a-time looking for advice and tips. I have now taken the plunge and got myself a 1992 E220 Coupe. Hopefully collecting it tomorrow. [I will post a photo when I get one] This is my first MB, but a family member has had a few and...
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    Car wont start

    Hi, my car has been laid up since it's last MOT. I charged the battery and checked that there was fuel in it, but it will not start. It has no immobiliser to my knowledge or alarm. It is a 1993 220ce (coupe). All lights etc work and the car is turning over fine, but nothing! This car has given...

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