1. S

    [Wanted] W124 230TE Half shaft

    Hi guys I need a rear drivers side Half shaft for a 1993 230te estate or if you know where to get a good quality one as I don't know where to source one any help will be appreciated.
  2. R

    W124 230TE Starting Problem (1991model)

    Hi folks. After a long drive I stopped my w124 230te '91 outside my house and let the engine run on idle. Suddenly the engine stopped and I cant get it started again. I have searched forums for what it could be and the fuel relay + fuel pumps was suggested to check out first. An easy way to...
  3. F

    [Wanted] x2 7" Rial cross spoke wheels (Swap for x2 8" Rail cross spoke)

    Hi Guys, Just bought myself a 1985 230TE in white and i have managed to find some Rial alloys to put on it but the wheels i have are all 8 inches wide and i think 8 might be to wide to go on the front. for that reason i'm posting this to see if anyone has two 7 inch rims that they would either...
  4. W

    w124 230TE Aux Fan not Cutting In

    Hi there, My 230TE overheated the oher day (lots of steam - and yes I am aware the antifreeze level needs checking:)!) and today I finally got round to checking the reason. This is proving harder than I thought - I've checked the forums and cannot find anything similar given what I have...
  5. A

    W124 230TE Water Pump removal / refitting

    I'm scribing my experiences of removing and replacing the water pump on my 1991 230te auto, and have put up a draft on Google docs. It's a work in progress, and I'd be grateful for comments/suggestions from interested MBO bods. I don't have the car anymore so some details are a bit hazy but...
  6. N

    [Wanted] W123 230TE Auto Parts Wanted

    Hello out there W123 230TE Auto Parts Wanted: I am trying to make this leaky boat water tight again. List of spares: Sunroof seal/trim Radiator Radiator grill and badge Windscreen and seal Switches for electric windows Mud flap, rear passenger side Secondary release pull for...
  7. balge59

    Broken rear coupling - 1988 230TE

    http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/album.php?albumid=165&pictureid=1110 Well the story is - reversing up hill in a tiny carpark (due to some numptys' bimmer parked like a 3 year olds tricycle...), big bang, no more go - looks under the car to see the above mess. Also picked up a snapped bolt...

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