1. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes E250 CDI Remapping!!!

    Hey guys, Another 250 in for power tuning! This is a slighter older model running the Delphi CRD2.X variation and also this vehicle is a manual! Don't see many about and only seems to be the older ones which come with the manual box! Full lines of communication via the OBD port as it...
  2. moj91

    Struggling to find Textar e-pad supplier in my size!?

    Hi all, After 10k i seem to have eaten through the ATE Ceramic front pads i fitted in Feb(ish) on my C250 CDi 'Sport'.... :S The discs are barely worn in, no real lip or grooves/ridges yet. I do drive, with gusto, shall we say, but I would have expected better than this... I can only...
  3. GAD Tuning LTD

    Mercedes 250CDI Remapping!!!

    Morning guys, Happy Easter!!! We had a lovely 250CDI in yesterday for power tuning, the car was lovely inside and out and the customer drive all the way from Ireland that morning as he was that desperate to get us to tune it! The 250CDI engine runs the Delphi injectors and Delphi...

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