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    ML 270 2003 MOT failure on emissions

    Dear All, My 163k 2003 ML has failed MOT on emissions. I was advised to use some injector cleaner and take for an Italian tune up ( hammer up and down motorway) before re test. Took it in and it is slightly better BUT still failed. limit is 0.8, it was reading 0.85/0.86 on opacity test. Would...
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    W211 270CDi - Thick black smoke

    Hi guys. I know, you´ve seen this kind of posts a million times, but this is not the usual EGR / injectors / swirl flaps case. Please, if you know a bit about these engines, read through. I did a fair bit of google research, searched through this and other forums, but I haven´t found anyone...
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    270 cdi transmission usual fault. Advice

    Hi I recently bought a 2003 270 clk cdi elegance and unfortunately it now seems to need a new gear box. The car presented with a transmission fault that the main dealer diagnosed as a Tcu issue so replaced, with no differencce to the original problem and at great expense. They now say it...
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    CLK270CDI rpm in quiescence issue

    Hi, I have a 06/2003 Mercedes CLK270 CDI 170PS manual gearbox.The board computer doesn't show any errors related to the car and engine itself(only some issues with the climatronic). My issue is that when the car works and is in quiescence it doesn't always stay on constant rpm value.For example...

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