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    ABS, ESP, Run Flat indicator inactive - ECU software Error ?

    HI Guys, I am in need of some MB expert knowledge please before i run out of money or patience with my car! I have a S320 2007 with only 70k and full MB service history. Everythging was running beautifully until Around 6-8 months ago i had a local mechanic change the oil and filter for me...
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    C220 Auto wont rev over 3000 (intermitent)

    Evening Guys! New Merc owner here! and first automatic car so bare with me :cool: Had my 2013 C220 AMG Sport Coupe since March, on 3 occasions now I get in and start it as normal, and when putting my foot flat on the accelerator the car will not rev past 3000 rpm. If I then park up...

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