1. M

    lpg conversion for E300 td

    hi has anybody tried an lpg conversion for a w210 e300 td, in theory more power better economy and cleaner emissions. but what will it be like on the road???:confused::confused::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  2. balge59

    Crank speed sensor - '93 300TD

    hi been doing a bit of digging, suspect my tach/tickover problem is down to a faulty speed sensor, but I couldn't find the connector (L3x), or the sensor itself :Oops: so tested through the diagnostic port - presumably the resistance should still be same-ish, 2 k Ohm? -...
  3. S

    E300TD 1998 Diesel leak. new pump?

    Hi Just pop my car into the garage after finding a pool of diesel under the car after the weekend. The mechanic has investigated and said the someone else has packed up the pump to hide the leak (duh) said its leaking at the union so will require a new one. It will require special tools to...
  4. Irresistance

    W210 300TD or 320CDi - Thats The Question

    Hi there, I am in the process of scouting out a W210 Estate car and boy am I split in the middle on some things... Right now the choices realistically are: 300TD, 320CDi and maybe 320 non-diesel, very maybe a 430 Thing is, I would prefer a 6 inline engine as I feel those are the most...

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