1. T

    P141000 fault

    Hello. I would like to ask for advice. The second time the engine light came on and the diagnostics threw error P141000 - "oxygen concentration, release phase, not reliable, low" it happened to me when there was little fuel in the tank, 2x. Please do you know what it could be? Model w204, 2008...
  2. M

    CLK ~ Driver's seat not working

    Hello everyone. I am new here, so please excuse me if this has been asked a billion times, or I am in the wrong area. I have had a 2005 CLK 320cdi (SG55 WTR) for 2 months now, and I love it. I do however have 4 teething problems, 1 of which is the driver's seat not adjusting at all. The...
  3. Tom-B

    ML write off rebuild

    So I’m just embarking on a new project, I’ve been after a W164 for a while now for towing and thought I’d take advantage of a relatively simple rebuild project. After some scanning of Copart for a while, a relatively clean looking 320CDI came up with Cat N non structural damage to the front...
  4. G

    Owning CLS W219

    Hello everyone Just wanted to ask you for your experience and opinion about owning CLS W219. I own 320CDi 2006 75k millage for last 3 years and are at the point when I find myself with two options. First make a long term commitment and stay with a car (as i love the look and can forgive...
  5. A

    Cat D E320CDI

    Hi all. I am still in search for the only one. Came across one with Cat "D". As I'm not Merc expert I need to ask you guys what might be wrong (apart from obvious visible damage) with the one attached? I mean is there any electronic devices behind headlamps and bumper which could be costly to...
  6. Mr Filipov

    Help needed with a few issues on a CLS 320CDI

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. A few months ago I purchased my first Mercedes. It is a 2007 CLS 320CDI with the 7G. As with any second hand car you only have so long to see if you can spot anything obvious and it seemed like a good car. It does however have a few issues. I would not...
  7. zedmeister

    OM642 320CDi rail pressure too low

    Still having trouble with my car - as a standard diesel, it jerks with lack of power only when cold. When warm it runs fine. When the Brabus D6 unit is refitted it is completely undriveable as the jerking occurs even at half throttle and then throws the engine management light on with the...
  8. zedmeister

    OM642 320CDi rail pressure too low

    Hi Well I'm having fun with my OM642 as well. After changing endless bits in the last year for various fault codes that have cleared up those issues (such as exhaust back pressure sensor, lambda sensor, Air mass sensor, etc) I am currently left with: 2047 Rail Pressure monitoring via volume...
  9. H

    Interactive Owners Manual

    Does anyone have a link to the interactive owners manual for a 2007 E Class Estate - 320CDI? Thanks guys Tom
  10. O

    S320 CDI Throttle Actuator Unit????????????

    Hi Guys, I've been having ongoing issues with my S320 CDI. It hessitatates between 1400-2000rpm and shudders a bit also. My local independant specialist diagnosed it as the EGR vavle over purging but claimed that it wasn't faulty, he said something else was causing it to open to often...
  11. Irresistance

    W210 300TD or 320CDi - Thats The Question

    Hi there, I am in the process of scouting out a W210 Estate car and boy am I split in the middle on some things... Right now the choices realistically are: 300TD, 320CDi and maybe 320 non-diesel, very maybe a 430 Thing is, I would prefer a 6 inline engine as I feel those are the most...

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