1. PrinceKing

    Widest rims on a 2014 C220 or 5x120 with adaptors

    Sorry if this has been asked but I can't seem to find anything on here or the web. What is the widest size I can go on the rear and front? Without any modification. A merc specialist in my area says 9.5j on the rear won't fit. I think they would and possibly 10/10.5j with rolling the fenders...
  2. Smaltze

    Stud pattern exact dimensions

    Hello! Im going to be CNCing my own wheel spacers, (i do know what im doing dont worry). I hoping someone knows the exact dimensions for the stud pattern. standard 5x112, w210 eclass. i know the studs are 12mm, i know the centre bore is 66.1mm I just want to know the layout of the studs...

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