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    Hello Everyone. Going to be a proud owner of a w220 s320 cdi

    Going to be a proud owner of a 04/05 s320 cdi this august once im back from a months holiday. Was going to purchase a e65 730d bt the ride quality in the s class is on another level from the beema (from my research). Cant wait to buy one. If any w220 s320 cdi owners/past owners out there...
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    w220 s320 cdi vs e66 730d?

    Hello people im new to this forum and im on the verge of most likely purchasing an 04/05 s320 cdi. Ive done tonnes of research on this car as well as the e66 730d and im in the middle in what to get. I know that the s class is more of a luxury car compared to its rivals and that the 730d is more...

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