7g tronic

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    Cls 350 cdi gear box problems

    Hi all I've recently bought my first mercedes it's a 2013 cls 350 amg sport. The problem I'm having is that intermittently it won't change gear as it should. It bumps hard into first, sits in 2nd gear at 30mph reving high, and won't go over 3k revs with foot planted even in sports mode. If I...
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    7g tronic 2007

    Hi all, I own a Clk270cdi but looking to get a convertible. Found a clk280, 100k miles, 2007 (engine code beyond those with ballancer shaft issues). I'm worried about the gearbox 722.999. How prevalent are the issues with 722.999? I see a lot of people complaining but hoping a specialist could...

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