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    A250 Dangerous Auto Box Fault

    Hi everyone, I wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing a fault with their new-shape A-Class slipping into neutral. My dealership (Taunton) are aware of this fault and have told me it's a software issue they don't currently have a resolution for. Their suggestion was that I don't drive...
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    A250 Recirculating Valve

    Hi Just wondering what the below will actually do. I'd not expect much, but it'd be interesting to know: https://www.forgemotorsport.co.uk/Upgraded_Recirculating_Valve_for_the_Mercedes_M270M274_Engine--product--1396.html Thanks
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    A250 Remap / Pedal Box

    Hey all Had a remap on my 2014 A250 EB. They removed the Pedal Box. Which has lessen the throttle response. Phoned them today and they were anti pedal boxes I think, they did not really say it will harm their remap performance, but they would not say it was ok to hook it up again. I've read...
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    Service B5 Overdue by 20 days

    Hello, I’m new to car forums. But I thought this would be worth a try before I take a trip to the local Mercedes garage. I recently bought my A250 2015 22.000+ miles on the clock. I had the B5 service done but it seems they never reset it, so wondered if anyone knew a way I’d be able to turn...

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