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  1. zedmeister

    R107 280SL ABS light blinking - strange!

    Original thread here for what I have just done to my car: http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/showthread.php?t=159934 Now the ABS light blinks twice and goes out when I turn on the ignition: https://youtu.be/MaMb2QwZpfc
  2. E

    Apologies - another 190e ABS light issue

    This all refers to a 190E 2.6 (fitted with a 3.0 bottom end) I was having some problems with the alternator - no other issues other than low charging - so pulled it from my car to check the brushes. They are well-worn but just about serviceable - good enough for now, but a note to self to sort...
  3. O

    ABS comes on and car slows down to 30kph

    A couple of months ago the ABS light on my smart fortwo started coming on, but turn off a couple of minutes later, so no action was taken. After a couple of weeks of this issue, the ABS light would come on and stay on, and the car would refuse to go faster than 30kph, but this could be remedied...
  4. M

    modulator/computer control unit problem

    Hi All, I have an automatic, W reg ML320. (year 2000) During driving 4 lights come on ABS/EST/handbrake and a light which looks like a circle in-between brackets. The Lights come on at random times, low speed, high speed, under braking and sitting idle. The car also go’s into limp home mode...
  5. P

    Mercedes A180cdi(2006); all the lights but it aint xmas !

    Hi all, Parked my wifes A class at my moms place . 4 days later , i started car fine, and decided to hit the motor way and thats when the dash lit up with lights : ABS , ECD, ESP , etc ,etc . Freaked out !, i drove to my independent merc specialist . He immediately put car on diagnostics and...
  6. F

    ABS Light ML270 (2002) again

    My ABS light comes on and disappears at will. I have asked the Forums advice on this and it was suggested that I get it checked on STAR. Fair enough but as the fault is intermittent surely I would be wasting money if the fault was not apparent at the garage? Can anyone suggest things I can check...
  7. S

    W123 bearings / stood for 10 yrs / London mechanic

    I have recently bought a nice old 1985 W123 280TE that had been stood up for 10 years. It seems in good condition, factory wax oiled underneath and well looked after. It stood SORN after falling out of favour as a 2nd car, 110k. Amazingly it was running and passed MOT but I have done the usual...
  8. T

    Dashboard Instrument Cluster FAIL

    Hi. I know there have been other postings but can someone please point me in the right direction. C200 Elegance 1996. Firstly my petrol gauge went 'wonky' up...down...up and so on. I had battery issues (discharging) so had to recharge/ reconnect it a few times. New battery now fitted...
  9. P

    R170 SLK 200K ABS lights and limp mode

    I hope someone here will be able to help with the mysterious fault with my car. I've had the car for around 4 years and this fault has existed in one form or another for around a year - I've been through 2 local indi's both having failed to fix the problem. It seems ot share a number of common...
  10. M

    sterring wheel sprinter

    Hi, I have taken the steering wheel of to replace indicator stalk and now have esc and abs lights on. It wont clear even on the comp. Is there anything we could have done wrong? Specific way of rebuilding? thanks max
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