1. H

    W203 Bouncing door lock - springs replaced but still bouncing

    Hi guys, I've been suffering with the infamous bouncing door lock with machine gun sound effects for 5 years. I replaced the springs a couple of years ago, but my left side lock started bouncing again a few weeks later and I've lived with it ever since. I assumed the springs had failed again...
  2. T

    Missing CDi Intake Manifold Actuator/Motor

    Hi, I bought my W210 CDi 2.2 two years back, Its working all fine but today it was a great surprise for me when I saw a 3 pin connector near backside of intake manifold. I googled and check it thoroughly and by physical investigation I came to a final conclusion that since from last 2 years I am...
  3. F

    Mercedes c350 w204 4motion full acceleration issue

    Hi I really need your advese please. It is my first time on firum. It hapens in first and second gear. The guys from mercedes told me I need to replace the gearbox. Another mechanic told me I need to replace the turbo Or actuator... please excuse my bad english I have uploaded a vedeo on youtube
  4. H

    ML270 W163 Battery Drain

    My 2002 ML270's battery drains within a day. The battery has been tested to be good and is also reasonably new. I think I have isolated it to the culprit. When I switch of the car I can still hear a motor running inside the cabin in the dash. I then did the battery draw test which was running...
  5. delboyuk2508

    Camshaft Actuator Malfunction

    Since doing my headgasket I have had the engine light come on twice, once just after I started the engine up after replacing the headgasket, and there were several faults in memory, which I cleared, and once today, on both occasions the "camshaft actuator malfunction" was in the memory, I have...

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