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    Active Bonnet Malfunction error message

    Hi, I am getting this message appear now "Active Bonnet Malfunction" on the dash now. From what I have read the safety mechanism has been triggered and the actuators need to be reseated, by opening the bonnet and raising it so that the actuators sit flush and lock into place again. The...
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    Turbo actuator repair suggestions (V6 CDI)

    Hello A few months ago W251 (280 CDI 4 Matic) started to go into limp mode.Initially it was very rare but now it is happening every day.I took my local indie garage and got following code 2510 check component y77/1 boost pressure regulator signal fault (current) I did a bit of research and...
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    Clicking fan actuators

    My 2002 W209 CLK 320 has started making the dreaded clicking noise from within the dashboard when you turn on the ignition. I've read on the forums that this a either a broken or jammed actuator (and therefore a big job) but I was wondering if: 1) you can tell if the actuators are broken or...
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