air suspension

  1. K

    Best Place to purchase Air suspension - w219 replacement

    Hi, I need to replace drivers side air bags, both have popped, I have looked on eBay but do not know anywhere else to buy, this must be a common part replaced would you guys be able to advise best way to buy these parts. Used a good option for rear, I Iv seen bilstein branded used rear bags...
  2. K

    Best Warranty - Air suspension / high mileage

    I’m looking to get warranty on purchasing 2009 CLS 350 CDI - 130,000 miles My concerns are Complete air suspension system to be covered Turbo Issues Any experience repairs over £300 to be mostly covered Has anyone have had good experience with warranty company used for there cars...
  3. K

    Exploding Air Suspension - w219

    Iv had the car for a few days, and after getting some repair work. Sports mode, sport 2 suspension, ESC Off I did some “ Aggressive “ driving. After a 45 min blast, I sit in the car parked off. Boom 1, air suspension front right collapsed ( new strut ) 10 mins later Boom 2, rear...
  4. ptruswell

    W211 E280 Estate: rear air-suspension

    Please can other owners advise... My 15-year-old W211 estate is showing it's age in body and, more importantly and potentially costly, in the rear air-suspension department... My mechanic in Macclesfield (Cheshire) advises me that the so-called 'air bag' units that are used instead of...
  5. Andymerc UFO

    Self Levelling air suspension problems

    Can anyone help me diagnose a problem with my self levelling suspension on my s211? The rear drivers side had dropped this evening and when i started and drove the car a short distance i could hear the compressor working away periodically. Then when i stopped the car to check ride height i...
  6. O

    S350/2003- command unit not turning on at all

    I have a Mercedes S-class 2003 3.7l and a few days a go I replaced the rear air suspensions and a new compresses aswell. Once the battery was reconnected the air suspension sign pop up on the dash board but when raising and lowering the car it works perfectly fine. But driving over speed humps...
  7. N

    GL Suspension-How long should it take to Raise/Lower

    Hi I have recently bought a GL320 on a 57 plate. I wondered how long (approximately) the suspension should take to raise up to the highest setting? Also then to go back down again. Also it seems more reluctant to go all the way up if the ground is not flat. Is this normal. Maybe to do with...
  8. O

    2002 Vario 814D - Air suspension fault

    Hello everybody, We have just purchased a 2002 Vario 814D Ex-Library van fitted with air suspension on the rear axle. 200 miles into ownership it has developed and interesting fault.:confused: When stationary, with the engine running, the rear of the vehicle is raising and lowering...
  9. W

    Viano Suspension Failure

    Tried to drive the Viano from the driveway and it's making horrible noises. It appears the front, drivers-side suspension has collapsed (it's now much lower than the passenger side). The dash shows "1 Malfunction" but doesn't say what. I know the Viano can suffer from air-suspension problems but...

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