1. ewalstra

    W447 afternoon interior fan noises

    Hi guys, I'm new inhere so if I have chosen the wrong part of this forum, please bare with me... I own a W447 for about two months now. I recently changed the Audio 15 into an Android head unit and is working great. I love the streaming part. Since it has been build in, I've noticed the interior...
  2. A

    aircon whistle

    Hi, I am looking for some help in identifying the cause of a whistle in the passenger footwell (RHD car). It is related to the aircon as it only occurs when the a/c is on and stops immediately when the a/c is switched off. The car is a C250TD w202 estate. The whistle starts when the...
  3. J

    AirCon wont shut off

    I have this issue with my E200 Kompressor, 2001 year. The A/C control is not working. I switc off the a/c and it doesnt shut off. I switch off the car, i remove the key and the A/C is still on. I cant turn it off. Any suggestions?
  4. P

    Weird Aircon problem, CLK320

    I have a problem with my CLK320 aircon in that, for about five weeks now, I have been getting no air from the vents/outlets. It doesn't matter whether the A/C is on or off, or whether it's on Manual or Auto. The fan runs fine, but there is virtually no air exiting - UNLESS the Recirc button is...
  5. K

    Aircorn uncool for my CLK230 & temperatures

    Hi there, I'm newbie here.....I'm just bought CLK230 but the problems is the air conditioning in my CLK230 not cool & it's just blowing out the wind only. Does anyone knew what is the actual problems regarding my air conditioning ventilation. It is running out of the gas or else? Also if the...
  6. S

    W169 A-Class Air Conditioning

    I have a 6 year old A-Class MkII 160CDI. I don't think the air con is working. The red light illuminates but I don't hear any evidence of a compressor coming to life. Certainly no chilly air but I wonder if it is more than just a re-gas. Do compressors fail on this model - or is a blown fuse...
  7. A

    "Clicking Vents on start up" - No A/C

    I have a 2001 W203, C180 estate. The EC light was permanently on so I took car in to local electricial and A/C specialist. They vac'd the A/C system, leak tested it and regassed and reset system. All worked fine for the first few weeks. After 2-3 weeks the vent clicking came on when you...
  8. Irresistance

    W210 Air Con Panel Illumination Not Working

    Hi All, Ever since I have my Benz, the illumination of the Air Con control unit (The fancy digital one) is not working. Now I have been assuming that it just has a broken bulb and I'll need to get a different one (not expensive here in PL) but just recently I read this...
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