alternator problem

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    Please Help - Giving Up Hope - CLK 55 W209 Not Charging

    Hi All I am desperate for some help - I am losing the will to carry on. Brought an 03 CLK 55 W209 with 67k for £4000 a few months back. 4 weeks ago I was driving and got the battery warning message in the cluster. Battery went flat and had to get car recovered. Got car home up on ramps...
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    Hi - New member first post !

    Hi Guys, I have purchased an E Class ! Always wanted one, Y plate 2001 - E220 CDI It seems that I may have purchased a pig in a poke ! Bought it with a years MOT and thought , how much can be wrong with it ? Apologies if this is the wrong section and if it is perhaps the admin...
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    Altenator or fuse?

    Hi there i have myself a clk230 kompressor. The dash is warning of an alternator problem and the alternator is not charging the battery. However i do not think the actual problem is the alternator. The problem started immedietley after i installed a sound system so im thinking a surge of power...
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    Power steering problem, headlights dim after start

    Hi all, I have a problem with my A160 CDi, year 2005. It started about 2 months ago, when power steering got bit heavier. Not completely out of service, but evidently much heavier than it used to be. It usually happens after cold start and gets better when driving. For info, the car has...

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