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  1. M

    W220 S500 AMG Alloys BOLT SIZE?

    Hi All. Hope you are well. Can anyone help me identify what bolt size I need for my W220 '53reg' S500 with the factory 5spoke AMG Alloys. It has a factory AMG kit and wheels. Many thanks Nik
  2. M


    Hi All. Hope you are well. I have a 2013 S350L SE Line. I was going to sell it but everytime I feel its too good of an example to get rid of in these difficilt times as the market is not great for sellers. I am therefore looking to upgrade the wheels. Preferablly with tyres. Open to any nice...
  3. M

    Mercedes C Class AMG Line Wheels

    Hi All, I am likely going to be purchasing a Mercedes C Class C200d AMG Line within the next week, however I would be looking to change its alloys from the 5 point star type, to the 14 point turbine style. The current alloys are 18" and the majority of the alloys that I have found in the...
  4. jeremy156

    W221 S-class wheels ... Fat or Phatt?

    Folks - it's decision time. I bought my W221 wearing 20" AMG alloys, but felt the ride could be improved. I since found a set of (Geniune Mercedes) 18" alloys from eBay, which do improve the ride, the trouble is they don't look quite as visually arresting as the 20s. Now... I didn't think...
  5. M

    17" AMG Alloys, will they fit my W124?

    Hi I have a 1993 W124 E320 Cabriolet and would like to fit a set of AMG monoblock alloys 17" x 7.5 H2 ET 42. Mercedes say they won't fit, can anyone confirm: a) that they will fit without scrubbing? b) what tyre size I should use, they currently have 225 x 45 but I would like a higher profile...

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